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Our Services

BizSyz’s main goal is to give our clients peace of mind when it comes to IT solutions. We understand the difficulties in managing your own network infrastructure. That is why you should trust us to take care of your IT problems, giving yourself more time for what’s important. Here at BizSyz we will do our best to keep your systems running at 100%.


Technical Support

BizSyz is always ready to provide our clients with excellent topnotch technical support. Whether your company has IT staff or not, we will work with your employees to offer you the best solutions for your business.



Security control can be a hefty problem, and the clean up after a virus attack can eat up precious time. Therefore, we will do our best to ensure that you obtain maximum security with little or no lost in user convenience. We will also provide quick and painless clean ups if any virus attacks do somehow occur.

From CCTV to remote monitoring, BizSyz will provide worry free turn key solution to provide the best protection to our clients.



Here at BizSyz we believe that there is no one-fit-all solution. Therefore, with our years of experience over a vast range of different technologies, we will tailor a personalized solution that fit and works perfect for your business.



We are aware of the numerous amount of software out in the market, and choosing the proper programs for your company can be a hassle. However, our technicians will advocate the most suitable software and programs.



BizSyz can design and deploy an IP Telephone system with all the technological benefits that VoIP has to offer, along with the security and reliability of traditional phone services. Each system is made specific for each company to ensure maximum dependability.


Computer Servicing

We understand the important of smooth IT enviroment. BizSyz provide superb knowledge and highly trained techinican,
we will provide services on your computer devices. 


Businesss Continuity

Data is greatest asset of a company, BizSyz proudly provide state of the art solution to protect your asset. Our highly secure vault with highly encrypted VPN tunnel we will provide the best protection of your data offsite.
Please call for details, we can tailor a solution for your business coninuity solution


Website Design and Implementation

Website is the gate for unlimited business opportunities. Bizsyz will provide complete solution on Website design, Front end and backend, CRM system to eCommence.
Give us a call, we can transform your need to tools for success.